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These, and the Library of America two-volume edition of the stories and novels, puts Edward Dahlberg's basic question on the table: do these bones live?

Bailey's immense, readable biography suggests an answer.

Bullet Park appeared in 1969, and Falconer, hailed as a masterpiece, in 1977.

Deploring, as we must, infidelity, drunkenness, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, cruel parenting, and all forms of abusive marital discord (the Cheever marriage was dreadful), there is quite enough here to consign him to oblivion.

Prizes, awards, honorary degrees came in abundance. As his health deteriorated he gave up drinking, stopped smoking, and died of bone cancer in 1982.

His reputation has gone through a roller-coaster ride. His daughter Susan Cheever published a memoir, Home Before Dark, in 1984, a wrenchingly honest exploration of a deeply flawed man, whose many failings were painful to read.

Among the literary bad boys, feminists and black-power polemicists of the American 1960s, Cheever and Updike, two white guys from old families, writing largely about suburbia, small-town life and the American middle-class, won the big prizes.

"Novels," Cheever once remarked, "are about men and women and children and dogs, not politics."Cheever's childhood in Quincy, Massachusetts, was deeply unhappy. His first publications, sketches of local bleakness, appeared in small left-wing magazines in the early 1930s.

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