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This is the kodoks that made up the country's first flash mob.. I salute these guys for having the courage to do something good for the ARTS FOR ALL charity bazaar at Bukit Kiara Equestrian centre. We have one life to live guys, why not live it to the fullest... I chose to have an extraordinary life and you can too. Some of you might say "Come on chief, it was just a flash mob! The people i met either contracted HIV either from their husbands or their parents.

From the left is DJ cybersonic, Selambakodok, Lourenzar, Liza and Patrick Teoh. You know, it doesn't take a lot to make your life an extraordinary one. We need a change do it today....i can feel my spirits rising CHANGEdo it today.. I was supposed to just appear and take photos with the people for charity but i was called up on stage to perform and did an AD-HOC version of AH LONG BUKIT BERUNTUNG LIVE.... The following day i had another charity event to do at RUMAH SOLEHAH, which was, to do a public service announcement to create public awareness about discrimination against hiv positive kids and moms.

Even with his friends lying dead at his feet, his desire to become the exorcist to free Seimei did not disappear. When he met the quiet Adashino Benio, his life spiraled out of control. One is that he is now a female named Rin Kagami and Second, the past version of himself has taken a liking to her. (Rinx Len) (Hints of Mikux Len and Mikux Kaito)After years in a relationship with Marco, unsated desires become unbearable for Star. Until the most popular guy in the school asks her a favor "I need you to be my girlfriend until I can confess to the girl I like" How will things go for two inexperience lovers? Eren becomes drawn to the stoic Annie, while Levi pursues Mikasa, convinced they were made for each other. " "Buat apa elo minta nomernya Rin—to." "Ngajak kawin." "Jadi elo ternyata maho—" (republish) [Update Ch.3]Modern AU. Antara 3 orang itu, Erza akan selalu menyiram bunga yang Ia tanam. But to Haruhiko her smile was enough, and he would fight to the ends of the world to protect it.

Her need for physical activity leads her to make a deal with the Demon Prince, Tom. uploaded late and author is dead, but conclusion arc is finally complete /10/27/17/ A cyborg, Rin, is created as the key to answering to a madman's wish: her father's. Now on a mission to regain her lost past, Rin finds herself helplessly drawn to teenage life, drama, and Len Kagamine. Ere Mika, Ere Ani, Levi Mika (Modern AU)Ketika para pembalap malam terbaik dikalahkan oleh seorang pembalap newbie, semuanya jadi terbalik dan rumit! When contracted to kill presidential candidate Natsu Dragneel, the assassin Erza Scarlet just scoffs and believes this to be an easy task. Erza now finds herself confused and conflicted at the matter. Rin is trapped between opposite worlds: the First, a hellish prison, the Second, a safe, loving haven. And what does the mysterious Len Kagamine have to do with it? Yang paling duluan mekar & bunganya yang paling bagus, yang akan Erza tembak! Sebelum itu, tentu saja Erza harus bersabar menyirami bunga-bunganya setiap hari! Takes place after the final events of Musaigen no Phantom World.

"I will make your suffering everlasting." - Len and Rin are soulmates, born of a perfect balance of good and bad and chosen to keep that very balance in check. Her question seemed to have been answered when flames encased the room.

Most of the kids there were abandoned by the same parents who gave the them the ilness anyway.

(Len Rin noncest/twincest/dark.)"Star, you are to be betrothed," her mother said firmly. Having never tried to eat one before, he attempts... "In that moment, they shape their destinies." -Three individuals whose fates are tied.

Purity, as well as evil, at the heart of a wedding. *Oneshot Lenx Rin*During their stay at Miku's estate, Rin and Len spend New Years in yet another fog, but it's about something else and about themselves and what they can do.

I can't believe that there are still people like this, in our Ultra Modern, Islam Hadhari...whatever day and age, that are still living with us in this day and age, today.

Just someone that obviously in love with anime/manga, crazy otaku, and can only hope someday i can go to japan.

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