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After school, it was not difficult to just pick up one of the things I have done.

But it doesn’t mean that I cannot decide to be an environmentalist tomorrow.

It is a collective job actually; it is not just about Pearl but, Pearl and other things that will be going on it. As a TV personality, what is it that you love doing but cannot do anymore?

I have not really completed all the stuff I want to do on it but it is just something I want to do. I don’t think that there are things I used to do that I don’t do because, I try to make my brand such that I am just the way I am anywhere, anytime.

The only difference is there are certain places that you cannot be caught in.

Seeing that what you studied is different from what you do, how did you adapt?

Like I said, when I was in school I used to do these things on the side, so it wasn’t difficult to just take it up.

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