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She wanted to hum to it, see if there was some kind of song that matched with the beating.There hadn’t been a lot of music when she was growing up, only really when she was playing with the ghosts – who were mostly Indians from long before they came.Maybe it was as good as the stories her mommy told and better than the bedtime story she heard for hundreds of years.Instead she shushed him, closing her eyes to focus on the sound. Most of what he did was quiet and slow, well thought out instead of rushed.Star_Children, crazykinkymexicanchica69, Team Tony Stank Stark, AJ_Katon25, Earline Nathaly, mushi6618, Reylink, Jedi_Claire, Acadjonne, Waltz Queen, gearsky, hopefulundertone, Prompt Princette, mercscilla, anthrop, girlsarewolves, Pennyforyourthoughts, Alixtii, catc10, vickie_08, and crannogman as well as 30 guests left kudos on this work!Can "Breast beating" and "Chest thumping" be used interchangably. ” “Cross my heart.” Aggie put her head back in place, feeling Norman’s arm go around her shoulders instead of back to the strange book.

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Aggie liked to think know one else knew about it, because who would really? It was something she could hold and cherish for as long as she could, until Norman stopped seeing her or she if she finally passed on. She tried to shake those thoughts out of her mind, returning to the in Norman’s chest.

A patient with unstable cardiac rhythms was being transported to a medical center and suddenly his heart beat became normal after the vehicle hit a speed bump in the road.

Cardiologists subsequently developed and promoted the use of precordial chest thumps as a life saving technique for victims with life-threatening heart arrhythmias.

Untrained lay rescuers have been documented using the improper technique resulting in further injuries such as breaking the tip of the sternum, worsening of heart rhythms, and cardiac arrest caused by blunt trauma, known as Commotio cordis.

The origin of the paramedic chest thump that is often seen in video movies and television is mostly due to an ‘ambulance’ accident around the 1970’s.

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