Samsung tv guide not updating

Once selected, Smart Hub displays the cast, the Rotten Tomatoes rating, and where to view the movie.

Voice commands aren’t just limited to finding movies with Boston actors, though.

Unfortunately, only the high-end Samsung smart TVs come with this, but it can be purchased separately.

While we have our issues with Samsung’s new platform, we can safely report that it If you buy a 2013 Samsung smart TV, a guide will help you through setup when you first power on your new display.

You can launch Stan on your Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray player via the Home screen or Samsung Smart Hub.

If you have used Stan on your Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray player before, you may be able to locate the app in two different locations: Recents or Featured.

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Spoiler alert: These commands actually work quite well.

When you’ve played with as many smart televisions as we have, you start to wonder how these devices get away with the moniker “smart.” We get it: They’re connected to the internet, they have apps, and they allow us to stream video content. Thank goodness Samsung is tackling this problem head-on.

Its smart platform—still called the Smart Hub—is completely redesigned for 2013.

If you are still having difficult locating Stan, follow the steps below: You can refer to our list of compatible Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players to make sure that your device is supported.

This page also contains a guide to setup Stan up on your TV.

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