Religions predating the bible

For many thousands of years, man has looked to the skies and become awestruck by what he has observed.

This awe has led to the reverence and worship both of the night and day skies, an adoration called "astrotheology." While fertility worship has constituted an important and prevalent part of the human religion, little has astonished humankind more than the sky, with its enormous, blazing, white day orb in the azure expanse, and with its infinite, twinkling, black night dome.

Unfortunately, the key to this knowledge was nevertheless often lost, as the myths became believed as "historical fact."...

(28)Astronomical or astrotheological knowledge reaches back to the dawn of humanity, appearing widespread and becoming highly developed over a period of millennia.

Such fascinating relics include rock paintings, megalithic structures, calendars and medicine wheels.

Cultural remains and ruins globally demonstrate the ancients' interest in and knowledge of "the complex regularity of the motions of the sun, moon, and stars and…unusual occurrences such as the appearance of a nova or comet in the sky."...

As star of the sun, Saturn was the great planet and ruler of the heavens….

The Egyptians and Hindus were as zealous astrologers as the nations on the Euphrates and Tigris.

This nature worship has included reverence not only for the earth, its creatures and their fecundity, but also for the sun, moon, planets and stars.

Another fact is that the depth of inspiration and passion reflected by these remains is indicative of the ancients’ astrotheological religious tendencies.

The astronomical science of the ancients is the same used today to determine full moons, eclipses, conjunctions and other cosmic events both past and future.

In its entry on "Astrology," the Catholic Encyclopedia describes the development of this archaic science in the ancient world: The history of astrology is an important part of the history of the development of civilization, it goes back to the early days of the human race….

Astrology was…the foster-sister of astronomy, the science of the investigation of the heavens….

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