Pimp your online dating profile

Being an attractive person much more attracts a potential mate to you but WON' T necessarily get them to want to REMAIN in a relationship with you for years to come.

There are so many intangible aspects to relationships more than the physical appearance of people.

She won’t name the family but she did describe ‘a spectacular gold living room, with a runway down the middle to the bar, flanked by gold sofas, with the best leather. Fitting out a jet that in normal circumstances can fit 377 passengers cost a stratospheric £30 million, included fixtures, fittings and labour – and her fee, of course.

Could you afford the caviar, champagne on tap and fully reclining seats of first class?

Today, the real test is whether, like Lewis Hamilton, you can afford the plane itself.

The interior includes black leather seats with his initials sewn into the leather.

There is also a bar, lots of plasma screens and a pull-out bed for those long transatlantic flights.

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