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After WSNS was sold to Telemundo in 1988, what had become Univision moved its programming back to WCIU-TV, which agreed to air Univision programming on weekday evenings and weekends.

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The station was not profitable during its early years, and in 1961, Cortez sold KUAL-TV (now known as KWEX-TV) to a group headed by his son-in-law Emilio Nicolas Sr., who had helped produce local variety programs for the station, and Mexican entertainment mogul Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta – owner of Mexico-based Telesistema Mexicano (the forerunner of Televisa).

Both the FCC and other Spanish-language broadcasters had long suspected that Televisa was merely using Nicolas to skirt FCC rules prohibiting foreign ownership of broadcast media. Spanish International Communications ultimately began discussions with various prospective buyers, culminating in Hallmark Cards (which owned a 63.5% interest), private equity firm First Chicago Venture Capital (which acquired 21.5%) and several other private investors (which collectively owned the remaining 15% held in a trust) purchasing the SIN stations for 0 million, while forming a new relationship with Televisa for the distribution of programs; the new group also adopted a new name for the network, Univision.

Joaquin Blaya, the network's new chief executive officer, would sign agreements to carry two programs that would change the face of the network.

Univision also began production of its first morning program, Mundo Latino, which was anchored by Cuban natives Lucy Pereda and Frank Moro; Moro left the network to move to Mexico to continue his career as a soap opera actor, the network then brought in Jorge Ramos to replace him.

To appeal to Hispanics and Latinos of all nationalities, the network soon instituted a policy of maintaining neutrality with its use of Spanish dialects, slang and humor on its domestically produced programs, enforcing program producers to limit the use of humor and slang relatable only to a specific Hispanic nationality.

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