Free dating site background check

If you know the county or state your partner lives in, you may be able to view portions of their criminal history online.

Just Google “state/county criminal records” and search for sites with in the URL.

Depending on the charge, criminal records aren’t necessarily a deal breaker in a relationship.

But at the very least, you probably would want to know if you’re dating a felon, especially since a felony charge can get in the way of finding a job.

If you don’t really know who you’re falling for, you risk getting swindled for more than just your emotions.

If you meet someone online or long distance, you should always pause to consider whether they may be hiding something important from you (like criminal records, bankruptcy filings, aliases, social media profiles, and more). Here are two compelling reasons to background check someone you meet online… In the online dating world, a catfish is a person who creates fake profiles on social media accounts using someone else’s information.

In that case, you may have to pay a small administrative fee to request the documents in person.

However, criminal records are recorded and filed differently depending on local laws.

It could be something small and forgivable, like a few speeding tickets they’re embarrassed to mention.

Or maybe it’s something big and concerning, like a recent DUI, drug charges, or a series of tax liens that might make it very difficult to buy a home together in the future.

At the end of the day, learning more about your partner’s background is totally your choice.

But if your gut is telling you to learn more about them before things get too serious, here are some things you can do.

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