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'Don't always finish your plate; stop eating when you're no longer hungry!

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The post has received nearly 800 largely positive comments. While there are those who have expressed their disbelief at the time and effort that goes into perfecting a mane of ringlets, we'd venture to say that for capslockramen, every minute in her regimen is a minute well spent.

In the left side of the photo, her hair is bleached blonde and damaged and in the right, her curls are springy and frizz-free.

Yahoo reports that the post has racked up 20,000 views.'I've never felt more in love with my hair,' she wrote.

kn0thing" in the drawing), writing, "And you made me the happiest man on the planet."The couple reportedly first started dating in 2015 after Williams' fling with Drake, and all of her friends and family are thrilled."They laugh non-stop and that really fuels their relationship," the insider says.

"They are on the same page in life and are excited to start something great with each other."Congratulations to the happy couple!

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