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Tickets are available here with a 36% discount Evening: Tuesday to Saturday at The League of Gentlemen at the Phoenix EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW SCREENING OF ‘THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN’S APOCALYPSE’ AT THE PHOENIX CINEMA IN THE COMPANY OF STEVE PEMBERTON AND REECE SHEARSMITH IN AID OF THE PHOENIX ’S SEATING CAMPAIGN The Phoenix Cinema is honoured to host an advance preview screening of The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse; a darkly funny film that sees the characters of Royston Vasey colliding with their creators.

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When your marriage is deader than either Morecambe or Wise it's hard to see the funny side of things.Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I moved house on the 25th February and it has taken until today for BT to get their act together and get me online!I have a few words to say about SKY TV too but firstly, the news!The Phoenix Cinema is in East Finchley , North London . Go to and register as a local to start your community petition to save the historic town of Royston Vasey !

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