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Natürlich kann auf diese neue Art und Weise nur zwischen Personen korrespondiert werden, die sich im Besitze der dazu nötigen Apparate befinden.

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The invention was interesting enough to be featured on a chromolithograph issued by - presumably - the Liebig company: On October 7th 1904 Max Thomas, manufacturer of phonographic machinery and requisites at Berlin, claimed a patent for Phonogram Cards, for which he also applied in the United Kingdom in August 1905: "It has been proposed to enable persons, each provided with a gramophone, to converse one with the other by sending through the post a postcard or lettercard composed of paper or celluloid which has been previously impressed by the recording device of the sender's instrument ...

Teil: Der Schalltrichter, Jg.18, Nr.27, Mai 2006 2.

Teil: Der Schalltrichter, Jg.18, Nr.28, November 2006 The basic idea of a gramophone postcard is to glue a single sided miniature disc record onto a postcard and punch a center hole through both card and disc.

The first presently known reference to a gramophone postcard is an advertisement in the 17 November 1903 issue of the German language Phonographische Zeitschrift, when Zonophon G.m.b. at Berlin announced they would distribute an "epochal" invention described as "Die sprechende, singende und musizierende Ansichts-Postkarte".

A year later, in October 1904, patents were claimed both in Germany and in France.

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