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And someone related to director Pitre named Loulan plays the sheriff.Plus there's a cameo by Robert Duvall, who helped get this film made, as a preacher.Swamp Daddy’s owner Inkka Beaudion is celebrating her first brick-and-mortar restaurant after years of serving up her Cajun-style recipes from the back of a food truck.The Source is the brainchild of ex-roasters at Black Sheep Coffee, which closed last spring to make room for the new Kum and Go near the intersection of Grange Avenue and West 11th Street. Developers of the Jones 421 building are also making space for four additional retailers, including the florist Bella Rosa, dessert shop Boki Gelato, massage studio Lavender Skies and Mediterranean Grill, another eatery.All of the performances I've just mentioned plus others are excellent as well as the Cajun music played by Michael Doucet and Beausoleil.Without giving anymore away, I'll just say the cliché, you'll laugh and cry and possibly think of how far we've come culturally a century or so since those times.

Michael Schoeffling, best known as Molly Ringwald's crush Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles, plays a cousin of Assante's who gets in trouble.The Cajuns lived in rural communities west and south of New Orleans and ate what they could grow or catch.But cooks borrowed freely from each other over the years.Having now seen Belizaire the Cajun 21 years after its original release, I can now say what an awesome drama about the Cajuns and their struggles against the prejudice of certain white Americans who settled in The Pelican State, this is.Armand Assante plays the title character, who is a healer of various illnesses, with such a sense of humor and pride in his heritage that you're with him all the way with his attitudes on various peoples that upset him.

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