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You’ll have to put cotton wool in your ears”.“That’s terrific news,” said Pete when Claire told him of her conversation. I’m pretty sure that Dad was too but I can’t be certain.”“Bloody hell this is news to me,” recoiled Pete as he cuddled up closer to Claire on the sofa at her mother’s house.“Give us the gory details,” he said as he deftly unfastened her bra and started fondling her breasts.“Not much to tell really,” she said as she shifted her position slightly to allow Pete better access to her breasts.Dressing gown off and stand at my side.”Claire removed her dressing gown, placed it carefully on a chair and stood alongside her mother who was seated on the sofa also in her dressing gown and nightdress.Claire wore a thin white cotton nightdress which barely covered her bottom and was generously cut at the front so that her breasts were clearly visible and her hardening nipples straining against the thin material. Mary stood up and removed her dressing gown and also placed it neatly on a chair before resuming her position on the sofa.I wont charge you any rent and it will save you a bit of cash.”“Oh wonderful”, cried Claire as she threw her arms around her mother.“Mind you, you will have to follow the house rules and that includes that handsome hunk you are marrying, otherwise you will face the consequences.”Christ, thought Claire, she can’t mean face a spanking can she?

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They made considerable noise, turned music on loudly downstairs and had started to undress each other as Mary, woken by the noise entered the room.“When we were young Mum would slap our bottoms if we were naughty, usually bare but not always.As we got older, early teens, we were sent to our rooms to put our night clothes on, she would come in with her strap or cane, or sometimes both.Mary was not averse to teasing the couple about their antics at breakfast time on the weekends.Pete loved these occasions because Claire and her mother often came downstairs in their nightdresses and both were well capable of stirring his manhood under his dressing gown.“I wonder if you two have any energy for eating toast,” was one of Mary’s quips, which was usually followed by Claire saying something like “he can’t leave me alone and if he did I would leave him.” Pete, although embarrassed by this sort of thing, was nevertheless also stirred by it and would often hasten Claire upstairs after breakfast to energetically and urgently fuck her again.

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