Accommodating my request

Essentially, this means the employer must talk to the employee and collaborate on finding a reasonable accommodation.

The employer does not have to grant a specific accommodation requested by the employee, as long as the employer works with the employee to come up with an effective accommodation.

Please share your dietary restrictions or special requests with your server, and they will help you determine which items are appropriate for you to order. Answer: At this time, we do not publish nutritional information.

However, we do strive to offer our Guests outstanding service, including accommodating dietary requirements.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against applicants and employees with disabilities.

Employers may not, for example, refuse to hire someone or pay someone less just because that person has a disability.

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The employer isn't legally required to anticipate that the employee needs an accommodation or to guess at what might help the employee.They include: An employer need not provide an accommodation that would create an undue hardship.If an accommodation would involve significant difficult or expense for the employer or would fundamentally alter the nature or operation of the business, that constitutes an undue hardship.Answer: We appreciate your interest in preparing our menu items at home.Our recipes are proprietary and as such are not published.

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